Area of expertise

Company restructuring in owner-managed SMEs

Company developments such as growth, new products or sales markets, the introduction of new partners or the leaving of old ones, but also changes to the overall societal and legal situation sometimes make it necessary to adapt the company's structures to the new circumstances. During this process, it is vital to identify the economic, legal, and tax-related advantages and disadvantages of the models being considered and to compare them in a balanced fashion. We possess the know-how required to provide you with expert advice on possible variants, and to help you implement them successfully. Furthermore, through our collaboration with solicitors and notaries, we can also help you find solutions that satisfy the relevant civil law aspects.

Above all, our range of services includes the following:

  • Strategic creative tax consulting on tax-related and legal matters (incl. changes of legal form, restructuring)
  • Design of partner contracts, profit-and-loss transfer agreements, rules of procedure etc.
  • Consulting on business law aspects of transactions, company acquisitions and transformation law
  • Managing director contracts and liability
  • Company succession planning
  • Arbitration and mediation