Area of expertise

Succession consulting for companies and private individuals

Succession planning in corporate and private situations is one of the most important — but also one of the most difficult — decisions private individuals or entrepreneurs have to make, and truly affects the heart of the family. Succession plans within families are not only a formal procedure, but also a challenge where human and emotional aspects are concerned. The change of generations is a huge task for any company — we will help you set the right course for the future. It is only through long-term planning and good consulting that a company can be transferred successfully from one generation to the next. The tax burden incurred from the transfer of a company — both for the party acquiring the company and the party selling it — can be minimized through skilful tax planning.

Above all, our range of services includes the following:

Successions in corporate situations

  • Analysis and documentation of overall legal situation of the company
  • Determining the structuring goals from the perspective of the company and its shareholders
  • Review of succession rules laid out in the articles of association as to their suitability for achieving the goals specified
  • Valuation of companies, land parcels, and buildings
  • Optimization of company structure and by-laws for well-planned succession
  • Consulting on conversion processes and the performance of special audits
  • Tax optimization for succession procedures

Successions in private situations

  • Analysis and documentation of overall personal and family situation
  • Determination of structuring goals from the perspective of the testator and the beneficiaries
  • Evaluation of existing wills, living wills, and powers of attorney
  • Conversion of private assets into a structure that is suitable for succession
  • Ensuring continued influence of benefactor and that he continues to be provided for in the case of an accelerated inheritance
  • Measures to defend against mandatory share claims and to avoid family assets being transferred to undesirable persons
  • Optimization of tax burden both with regard to inheritance tax and income/profit tax aspects