Business segment


Reliable bookkeeping is indispensable for successful corporate governance. In addition to ongoing financial and payroll accounting, this primarily also involves proper financial reporting and ongoing tax returns. Reliable and methodological bookkeeping delivers company-related data which you can base your planning and decisions on. At all times, it provides you with a comprehensive overview of your asset, financial, and profit situation. We ensure that your accounting procedures comply with constantly changing statutory regulations, particularly where business, tax, and social insurance law are concerned.

Above all, our range of services includes the following:

Financial accounting & reporting

  • Ongoing bookkeeping tasks with comprehensive all-round service
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting
  • Payments monitoring
  • Financial accounting with industry-specific solutions (e.g. doctors, car dealerships)
  • Fixed assets accounting
  • Compilation of business assessments (Ger.: BWA)
  • Compilation of advance VAT returns
  • Compilation of quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Performing international reporting

Annual financial statement& tax returns

  • Compilation of annual financial statements in accordance with business and tax law
  • Compilation of consolidated financial statements
  • Electronic balance sheets
  • Disclosure
  • Compilation of all tax returns — for partnerships and stock corporations — for sole proprietorships and freelancers — for private individuals
  • Review of tax statements
  • Processing of legal remedies and representation in financial courts

Payroll accounting

  • Setting up payroll accounting
  • Generation of pay slips and payroll, income tax returns, statements of contributions paid
  • Notifications for health insurance providers
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Consulting on and participation in income tax audits and social insurance audits