Business segment

Tax consulting

We advise you comprehensively and in a forward-thinking manner on all issues related to tax law, which continues to grow in complexity. Above all, in addition to classic tax consulting, this includes creative tax consulting, special investment consulting, succession planning, as well as advice on cross-border activities and tax offences.

Above all, our range of services includes the following:

Ongoing tax consulting

  • Start-up consulting
  • Financial accounting, payroll accounting, and annual financial reports
  • Tax returns for all legal forms
  • Compilation of tax statements/electronic statements
  • Supervision of external tax audits
  • Transfer tax, in particular value added tax
  • Performing tax calculations (incl. deferred taxes, interest barrier, deposit account)
  • Tax-related assessments of investment products
  • Non-profit tax law, foundations

International taxation

  • Consulting on issues related to the Foreign Tax Act and legal issues related to the double taxation agreement
  • Consulting on cross-border transactions
  • Taxation of permanent establishments and selection of a legal form
  • Transfer prices
  • Cross-border deployment of employees
  • Consulting for expatriates
  • Taxation of foreign activities
  • Corporate structure& strategic orientation

Creative tax consulting

  • Strategic creative tax consulting on tax-related and legal matters (incl. changes of legal form, restructuring)
  • Selecting a legal form and tax burden comparisons
  • Contract design (incl. partnership contracts, tax apportionment, tax group agreements, profit-and-loss transfer agreements)
  • Inheritance law and creative inheritance tax consultations and planning of succession in corporate and private situations
  • Consulting and assistance during corporate transactions, management buy-outs/buy-ins

Tax offences

  • Review of whether the facts justify a tax fraud charge, or where applicable, tax avoidance due to negligence
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Client representation to tax investigation authorities